Your dev environment, everywhere

Create dev environments with all the dependencies you need - and share them with your colleagues. Publish your artifacts anywhere. Harness the power of Nix.

Instant Collaboration

Stop wasting time building environments.

Easily install all the libraries, binaries, and packages you need - then share your environment across platforms.

Ship & Share

Publish packages into a catalog to simplify collaboration.

Use flox environments to ship software to distributed teams of users.

Cloud Native

Your project's environment supports it throughout its entire lifecycle.

Build reproducible dev environments, then bundle everything into an OCI container for production deployment.


Built with Nix

Install cross-platform, cross-architecture packages from the world's largest and freshest package repository: Nixpkgs.

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What our users say

"Okay wow! I just gave @floxdevelopment a shot and it all… just worked. [...]"

Nix in the Wild

Nix in the Wild is a series where we dive into the stories of Nix users across the industry, covering everything from the dotfiles of crafty developers to the processes of engineering leaders in large organizations.

Learn where Nix is used, how it came to be, and why it works the way it does.

The flox environment management platform

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