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NixCon 2022

Flox Team | 28 October 2022
Thank you NixCon!

Last week, the Nix community got together in person for the first time in 3 years, in Paris, for three days of presentations, discussion, and good times.

We heard talks which showcased the staggering breadth of the community: people successfully using Nix for working on particle accelerators, computational chemistry, satellites, and even resuscitating Flash for a legacy enterprise migration. Check out the presentations and recordings!

Name this band.

Name this band.

This was a collective effort run by volunteers who pulled off something amazing in a short amount of time. Huge shoutout to Ryan Lahfa and the Paris crew in particular for turning the ENS gym into a full fledged conference hall and taking the helm of operations. We even had a jazz band compose a Nix song for the occasion!

A highlight for us was sharing what we've been up to: flox Lead Engineer Tom Bereknyei shared the vision and goals for flox with the community in his presentation. Our CEO Ron Efroni participated as NixOS Foundation board member in a fireside chat with the board, and shared a vision for a strong future for Nix. Thanks to everyone who engaged with us and provided feedback. Sign up for the beta here!

If you want to help build on this year's success, look out for announcements soon from the NixOS Foundation regarding NixCon 2023.

Thank you NixCon! See you next year!

About the author:

Julien Urraca, Developer Relations