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Our vision is what makes us different.

We help teams manage their environments - and all the software within them - more effectively. Using the declarative principles of Nix, we can offer a more consistent and reliable way for modern teams to package, ship, and distribute software.

Fast & Easy

Coming Soon

We are building a hub for the software lifecycle of the future, and we’d like to hear what you think.

  • Private Catalogs
    Up Next

    Distribute your team’s software throughout your organization, allowing your colleagues to use it the same way they use other open source tools and frameworks.

  • Curated Catalogs
    Up Next

    Offer a curated collection of software for your organization, built to your specifications. Implement specific policy requirements by disallowing packages, licenses, or sources.

  • Automatic SBOMs

    Instantly generate an industry-standard SPDX software bill of materials (SBOM) for any environment in your organization.

  • Shared Cache

    Speed everything up with a shared cache for all of your organization’s environments. If a package (or dependency) has ever been built before, don’t wait for it to build again.

  • Collaborative Hub

    Discover, inspect, and activate environments used by your colleagues. Manage visibility using familiar role based access controls.