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Flox empowers teams large and small to view and manage their entire software inventory.

Flox Features

Revolutionize Your
Workflow with Flox

  • Switch with ease

    Virtual Environments

    Create as many environments as you need. Define a unique set of packages, variables, and shell hooks for every project you work on, and switch between them as needed.

  • Layer up

    Layered, not isolated

    Layer on top of your home environment, adding packages for those special moments while preserving your local customizations.

  • Everything you need


    Choose what you need from an index powered by Nixpkgs, the largest collection of software in the world - containing over 80,000 packages.

  • Work everywhere


    Build environments that work the same across Linux and Mac, so you can enjoy consistency from coffee bar to cluster.

  • No learning curve


    Getting ready to use environment project1 at /path/to/env/project1

    ✅ You are now using the environment 'project1' at /path/to/env/project1
    To stop using this environment, type 'exit'

    flox [project1] %


    Create complex environments with simple commands that work like the tools you're used to using, and manage your environments as code.


Seamless Collaboration
and Management

Seamless Collaboration and Management
  • Sync

    Keep environments in sync across all of the systems where you work using simple push and pull commands. When it comes time to set up a new system, pull your environments and you're ready to go.

  • Share

    Easily share environments with others so you can quickly onboard them to your project, or get them up to speed on a difficult-to-reproduce issue. Just tell them your environment's name and they're ready to go.

  • Manage

    View your environments all in one place. Review their package list, explore previous versions, and see a detailed change log.