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flox delete command


flox-delete - delete an environment


flox [<general options>] delete


Deletes all data pertaining to an environment. By default only the environment in the current directory is deleted, but environments in other directories may be deleted via the -d flag.

By default you will be prompted for a confirmation before deleting the environment. The -f flag skips the confirmation dialog and is required for non-interactive use.


Delete Options

-f, --force
Delete the environment without confirmation.

Environment Options

If no environment is specified for an environment command, the environment in the current directory or the active environment that was last activated is used.

-d, --dir
Path containing a .flox/ directory.

General Options

-h, --help
Prints help information.

The following options can be passed when running any flox subcommand but must be specified before the subcommand.

-v, --verbose
Increase logging verbosity. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

-q, --quiet
Silence logs except for errors.

See Also

flox-init(1) flox-push(1), flox-pull(1)