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flox envs command


flox-envs - show active and available environments


flox [<general options>] envs


This command can be used to list available environments on the local machine. When one or more environments are active, the last activated environment will be listed first and printed in bold.

Whenever an environment is used with any flox command it is registered to a user specific global registry. flox envs will list all environments known to it through the registry. Environments that are present on the local system may not show up until they are used the first time. Similarly, if an environment is changed (e.g. deleted and replaced by an environment with different metadata), the change may not show until the new environment is used.


Edit Options

Show only active environments

Format the output as JSON

General Options

-h, --help
Prints help information.

The following options can be passed when running any flox subcommand but must be specified before the subcommand.

-v, --verbose
Increase logging verbosity. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

-q, --quiet
Silence logs except for errors.


flox-init(1), flox-pull(1), flox-activate(1)