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flox publish command


flox-publish - build and publish project to flox channel


flox [ <general-options> ] publish [ <options> ]


Perform a build, (optionally) copy binaries to a cache, and add package metadata to a flox channel.


General Options

Many flox commands wrap Nix commands of the same name, and will correspondingly pass on options and arguments directly to the underlying nix invocation. For more information on the options supported by specific Nix commands please invoke flox nix <command> help.

The following options are used specifically by flox and must be specified before the <command> argument.

-v, --verbose
Verbose mode. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

Debug mode. Invoke multiple times for increasing detail.

-V, --version
Print flox version.

Print flox installation prefix / Nix store path. (flox internal use only.)

Force execution in flox-bash (flox internal use only.)

Development Options

The following options are supported by all Development Commands:

[(-A|--attr) <package>]
Selects package (aka “attrPath”) to be used. If not provided flox will prompt for you to select from the list of known packages.

[--stability <stability>]
Selects the set of nixpkgs to be used as a basis

Publish Options

[ --build-repo <URL> ]
The URL of the git repository from which to flox build the package. This is used both to build the package as it is being published and embedded in catalog metadata so that the package can be built from source if it cannot be fetched from a binary store.

(Nix experts will recognize this repository as the source flake for the package.)

[ --channel-repo <URL> ]
The URL of the git channel repository to which package metadata should be published. See subscribe and search for descriptions on the use of channel repositories.

[ --upload-to <URL> ]
The URL of a binary cache location to which built package(s) should be copied.

[ --download-from <URL> ]
The URL from which built packages will be served at installation time. This URL typically refers to the same underlying resource as specified by the --upload-to argument, but using a different transport. For example, we upload packages to the (writable, authenticated) s3://flox-store-public URL, but users download these packages from the (read-only, unauthenticated) endpoint.

If not provided the --download-from argument will default to the same value as provided for the --upload-to argument.

[ --render-path <dir> ]
Sets the directory name for rendering the catalog within the git repository specified by the --catalog-repo flag. Defaults to “catalog” if not specified.

[ --key-file <file> ]
Used for identifying the path to the private key to be used in signing packages before analysis and upload.

When invoked without arguments, will prompt the user for the required values.


Once published to a channel repository, you can then search for and use your package with the following:

  • subscribe to the channel: flox subscribe <channel> <URL>
  • search for a package: flox search -c <channel> <package>
  • install a package: flox install <channel>.<package>